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Non Invasive Full Body General Checkup :

· Check for cancer of the colon, lung and head.
· Detect cardiac anomalies.
· Examination of the spine & blood circulation.
· Food sensitivity test, tumor markers, hormonal examinations, etc.
· Medical examination. Sight and hearing test.
· Blood and urine analysis including: C.E.A., CA-19.9, PSA for men and CA-125 (tumor marker of ovarian cancer) for women, examination of proteins, as well as hepatitis B, C and thyroid glands.

· Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT)
· Full Body scan, from head to ankle.
· Neurological CAT Scan
· Abdominal and Chest CAT Scan
· Vascular CAT Screening
· MDCT Heart Scan can show blockages - caused by cholesterol deposits - in coronary arteries that supply blood to your heart.
· Virtual Colonoscopy (requires dietary regime 48 hrs beforehand)
· Abdominal Ultrasound Scan
· Brain MRI
· NB: Allergy to iodinated contrast agent contraindicates these procedures.

Full Body Checkup Gold :

· Details provided on request

· Classic Cardiac Checkup

· General analysis (Hemoglobin, cholesterol, liver function tests, blood sugar)
· Score Calcium Test or Stress Test
· Echocardiography is a safe procedure and no special precautions are required. It shows the size and shape of the heart, its pumping strength, and the location and extent of any damage to its tissues. It is useful for assessing diseases of the heart valves. It can detect abnormalities in the pattern of blood flow, and may show evidence of disease in the coronary arteries.

Cardiac Checkup with Non-Invasive Multidetector CT (MDCT)


· This is the heart checkup for people with a family history of heart disease and those with risk factors: strong family history, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia.
· General blood analysis
· Heart MultiDetector Non-Invasive Scan for coronary artery evaluation.
· This scan specifically studies the coronary arteries which supply oxygen to the heart.
· When they become blocked this causes angina and heart attacks.
· Patients need to consult with Dr Joseph to ensure suitability for Heart Multidetector
· Scan. Patients should be able to hold breath for 15 seconds, and need to take a B
blocker for test so conditions such as asthma may exclude you.

Prostate checkup :

Men over the age of 35.

Full Medical Examination :

· PSA Blood Test
· Bladder Function Test
· Prostate Ultrasound Scan

Ophthalmological checkup


· Visual acuity
· Refraction
· Eyelid examination
· Muscle examination
· Tonometry
· Slit lamp examination
· Funduscopic examination
· Perimetry

· Breast Cancer checkup

Women with a family history of breast cancer. Women with genetic tumor markers. Women with dense breasts or dense fibroglandular tissue.

Full medical examination :
· Bilateral screening mammogram
· MRI scan of the breast with an intravenous contrast agent (Absolute Hypersensitivity to iodinated contrast agent contraindicates this procedure).
· If necessary, analysis to examine genetic tumor markers, biopsies, ultrasound scans or other tests that the doctor should see fit.

Bowel Cancer checkup


Who is it for? Family history of bowel cancer or polyps, inflammatory bowel disease and age over 50.

Complete medical examination :

· Clinical history
· Complete blood and urine including: CEA, Ferritin and Trasferritin
· Abdominal ultrasound
· Virtual colonoscopy (D.M.D) Actual procedure lasts approx 15-20 minutes.
· NB. Very small polyps (less than 6mm are undetectable; however, the vast majority of these are benign). The only preparation required is a simple diet for two days before the test and the night before you need to take a contrast and laxative. An advantage of this test is it is possible to visualize other organs related to the bowel.

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Health screening for men & Health screening for women:
· Physical examination
· Prostate especific antigen test and monitoring
· Prostate ultrasound