Our doctors will arrange tests, usually skin or blood tests, or whatever is needed to get the the root of your problem and help with your symptoms.

Of course, it is not only limited to this disease, but to any alteration that happens after the interaction with some "allergen", foreign substances for our body that can cause an abnormal response.

Let's put it in context. Pollen is one of the most common and important allergens that exist, however, not everyone lives with sneezing or breathing problems in the spring, right? That's because we don't all have the same sensitivity to allergens. Some people react in an atypical and exaggerated way to the presence of an allergen that in others may not generate anything.

The importance of these events is that they can be life-threatening. Not only is it crucial to know what you are allergic to, but to learn how to treat and control any pathology related to this science, including asthma.

What are the Most Common Allergies?

As we have mentioned, we are not all allergic to the same compounds. Although almost anything can serve as an allergen, the most common ones are


Foods certainly top this list, but not all are included. Some, such as eggs, seafood, nuts and even soy, may be the most interesting. However, perhaps the most important are gluten and milk, which can trigger quite unpleasant reactions in our bodies.

It is important to remember that the symptoms of food allergies can vary from one to another. For example, it is common that with milk they are only gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, vomiting, etc.), however, with nuts anaphylactic shocks are observed.


By far the most common cause of hypersensitivity reactions are anti-inflammatory drugs. However, there are other drugs that can also fall into this group such as aspirin, muscle relaxants and even the drugs they use for chemotherapy.

Insect Venom

Have you ever been stung by a wasp? According to statistics, most likely yes. Maybe you just got a little bean and then gave in, but other people don't. Some people have to live with an adrenaline phial next to them for life, because they can go into anaphylactic shock if they get stung by such an insect.

Other Allergies

Other compounds that are also frequent generators of allergies are pets, mites, mold, pollen and even dust itself. Still, as we mentioned, almost anything can function as an allergen since we do not all react the same way. Here lies the importance of taking care of ourselves and knowing our bodies.

Allergy Common Symptoms

Allergies have classic ways of manifesting themselves that, depending on their severity, change. Some of the typical symptoms are:


Perhaps the most common, especially when talking about allergic rhinitis, is the feeling of a stuffy nose. This is because the mucous membrane inside our nose becomes inflamed and obstructs the flow of air. It is also possible that it is congested or that we may notice a mucous drip.


In addition, if our sensitivity to the allergen is increased, we may experience an increase in the size of our tongue, lips or face. In some cases, this may also involve the body, especially the extremities. This is a dangerous manifestation of allergies, especially in people who have a basal complication (such as asthma or some other cardiovascular problem).


Our skin is like a book, and injuries on it can give us a lot of information. In principle, it is common to see an itchy red rash that covers almost all our skin (although there may be more affected areas). However, it can evolve to the appearance of generalized rashes involving more extensive areas.

Depending on the type of manifestation and its involvement, it is possible to have an idea of the severity of the allergic picture and to prepare specific measures based on it.


What we are most afraid of is anaphylactic shock, the most dangerous reaction of allergies. The most important manifestation is the sudden inability to breathe. This is because our throat swells too quickly and does not allow air to flow into our lungs.

Of course, just as the upper respiratory tract swells, so do other areas of our body, and organ failure occurs very quickly. This state is critical and can lead to death within minutes, so most patients with significant allergies should always carry at least one ampoule of adrenaline (the only effective treatment).

English Doctor Barcelona: It's time to leave that stuffy nose behind!

If you have identified yourself with any of the above symptoms or already know you have a problem related to allergies, what can you do? Are you going to live forever with that rhinitis? Will you never breathe normally again?

Well, no! You need medical attention from a specialist, who can properly diagnose what your allergy is and what is happening with your immune system, in order to create a specialized therapeutic base directly addressed to your problem.

Sounds complicated, doesn't it? Well, it's not for us, as at English Doctor Barcelona we have trained staff to treat you properly and, should you require it, refer you to the place where you can get the attention and care you really need, without having to waste time with all the paperwork involved.

Remember, allergies are serious things but we can have them under control. For this, you can count on us; We got you back!

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