The only doctor who can take care for the nose, ears and throat properly is the otolaryngologist, a specialist with several years of studies focused on these structures and all the diseases that can occur there.

These structures are interconnected with each other and usually show symptoms that involve them. For example, the ear connects to the throat through a small tube called the Eustachian tube, while the nose connects to the mouth through the posterior nostrils. In addition, the ear, nose and throat doctor (or ENT’s) has medical and surgical skills, which means that they can intervene when necessary.

Typical symptoms related to ENT

As we mentioned, they are systems that are intertwined, therefore, if one of them becomes infected, the rest are likely to do so (without proper care). Among the most frequent symptoms that may involve a visit to the otolaryngologist we have:


Depending on the region affected, pain can mean several different things. For example, in the case of the ear, it is most likely an otitis, which is the inflammatory process of the ear’s inner region.

The most relevant is the middle ear infection, a disease that can get quickly complicated by an infection of the central nervous system. Whatever the case, you need to go to your otolaryngologist.

Also, pain in the nose or throat is not less frequent. Who has not suffered from pharyngotonsillitis at any time? As children, with everything we put in our mouths, tonsillitis is excessively frequent. A general practitioner can make the diagnosis, too, of course.

Sensory Problems

What if you can breathe well but don't smell it? What if you don't hear well or hear some strange beeping sound? Who should you consult? To the otolaryngologist. Hearing loss is quite frequent in older patients, especially over 60 years, however hearing “ringing” or “ringing” in the ear can also occur and maybe a sign of disease.

It is necessary that, if you experience any sensory problem (inability to perceive stimuli through your five senses appropriately) you go to the otolaryngologist. There are many tests available to diagnose your case and take the appropriate measures to improve your health.


Does your partner or children complain that you snore too loud? Do you wake up tired every day? Do you feel like you get up a lot at night? Do you drown while you sleep? If the answer to any of these questions was a resounding yes, then we recommend that you go to the otolaryngologist as soon as possible. This is one of the few specialists who can diagnose and treat your case in the best possible way.

Not only would you be improving your previous condition, since now you would get up with strength and energy, but you would also improve your relationship with your loved ones. Why not give it a try?

Upper airway obstruction

Many people experience, especially in cold weather, a runny or blocked nose. This is due to changes in temperature that promote an increase in the volume of the nose, although it is not the only cause. Some patients, known as atopics, suffer from allergic rhinitis, the leading cause of upper nasal obstruction, and an excellent reason to see an otolaryngologist.

Most Common Health Issues in Otolaryngology

But what are the most frequent diseases associated with these structures? Have I ever had to see an otolaryngologist and did not know? In fact, it is quite likely that this is the case. There are many diseases, simple and complex, that require the attention of an ENT doctor. Among these we have:

Ear infections​: Perhaps the most common reason to visit your otolaryngologist is infections. They not only involve the inner region of the ear (like otitis media), but also the outer region (otitis externa). Sometimes it may take more than antibiotics to improve. 

Stones​: Have you seen those videos where they take out small stones under people's tongue or throat? Those are small tonsilloliths, stones that have become obstructions for the proper functioning of the glands, and that end up being the origin of recurrent infections. They must be removed, and this should only be done by the otolaryngologist.

Foreign bodies​: Do you have any idea how many people have objects stuck in their nose, ear or mouth? Millions. The only person trained to be able to remove them without further complications is the ENT doctor, using various devices and special techniques.

Sinusitis​: Sinusitis is a mild disease by itself, however, it can be the source of an infectious focus to develop more complex diseases such as acute otitis media and even acute meningitis. A doctor must evaluate you and they will carry out various studies to verify that everything is fine, and then they will indicate the appropriate treatment.

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