We are committed to serving the community as a resource for general surgical care, bringing safe, high quality interventions at English Doctor Barcelona.

Illnesses or injuries can often be treated with relatively simple measures such as medication, rest, changes in diet, exercise or other non-invasive therapy. But, in some cases, surgery is the only answer. 

There are many cases in which we need the help of these specialists. Among the various reasons are:

· Intestinal Emergencies: For example, appendicitis.
· Cancer: in the early stages, preventing its spread by almost eliminating the neoplasm.
· Thyroid: a problem with the gland that may lead to total removal.
· Pancreas, gallbladder and liver: If you suffer from any disease that requires surgery in these sectors, it will probably be this specialist who will operate on you. 

Symptoms Associated with General Surgery

· Bleeding
· Pain
· Contusions and Wounds
· Masses and Tumours

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English Doctor Barcelona: Great Professionals for a Thorough Decision

At English Doctor Barcelona, we have excellent professionals, capable of giving you the confidence you need. We also create a supportive environment so that you feel accompanied and safe throughout the process.

Our most important mission is that you feel supported and as comfortable as possible throughout. We will answer any questions you may have. We are committed to your health, but also your peace of mind.

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