If you need an annual screening or have other gynecological concerns, book your visit here.

An essential part of staying healthy is to have regular gynaecological exams beginning at age 18, or within three years of becoming sexually active.

Gynaecological Evaluation and Treatment Services Include:

· Annual breast and pelvic exams
· Preconception counselling
· Infertility testing
· STI - Sexually transmitted diseases - testing and treatment
· Contraceptive advice
· IUD's removal and placement
· Thin prep PAP smear
· HPV testing and immunizations
· Colposcopy
· Menstrual irregularities
· Pelvic pain
· Abnormal bleeding
· Menopause 
· Evaluation and treatment of breast disease
· Osteoporosis screening
· Endometriosis
· Gynaecological ultrasound 
· Endometrial biopsy
· Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
· Cancer
· Uterine disorders
· Vaginal itching and burning
· Abnormal secretions
· Sexuality and Pregnancy

Our Advice:

· Be involved in your health care.
· Don't be afraid to ask questions.
· Be open with your doctor about your sexual history or any symptoms you may have.
· See your doctor regularly or as soon as a problem develops.

English Doctor Barcelona: Personalized and Professional Care

When it comes to a gynaecologist, we are very selective. We look for someone who can treat us with kindness and professionalism, but who also makes us feel comfortable and confident. At English Doctor Barcelona we have trained staff with the best reputation, ideal for providing you with personalized and private attention.
We will guide you through the tedious paperwork behind a visit to the specialist. We take care of you in every way.

Health Insurence and Collaborators

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