However, when his is not enough for you, you may need to consider hemorrhoid repair.

Some patients only require a laser to resolve the problem, while more severe cases may opt for surgery. These are generally very safe and effective procedures.

Common types of haemorrhoids:

· External haemorrhoids 

· Internal haemorrhoids

Common symptoms include:

· Blood in the stool

· Feeling a lump inside or under the anus

· Severe anal pain

If you need a reputable doctor for haemorrhoid repair, you have come to the right place. We know that pain is often a big concern for patients seeking treatment. When you need fast and effective care, we will assess which is the best possible route for you. After your procedure, our doctors will recommend an after-care plan for you to reduce the pain. Regardless of whether you need one visit or continuous support, our family-oriented medical centre is here for you.

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