If you are sexually active, you need to get an STI test every year. We provide testing for a range of sexual health conditions, from chlamydia to herpes.

Sexual health is a medical speciality regarding healthy sexual relationships and sexually transmitted infections. Specialists focus on improving the sexual health of the community through research, education and screening of the population. If you have any questions or concerns regarding healthy sexual relations, you may wish to speak with an expert.  

Common Reasons to Seek Advice: 

· At the beginning of a new relationship, particularly if you don't plan to use condoms.
· If you have recently ended a relationship.
· If you have had unsafe sex or believe there was some risk to your health during a sexual encounter.
· If you have genital symptoms such as pain, discharge, itching, etc.
· If you think you might have an STI.
· If your partner has recently had an STI.
· If you want information on preventing pregnancy.
· Regularly, if you get paid for sex work.
· Regularly, if you have frequent changes in sexual partners.
· Regularly, if you have sex with people outside your relationship.
· If you are concerned about some aspect of your sexual health.
· Regularly, if you are sexually active and part of a population group in which there is a high-frequency rate of STIs. 
· Interest in healthy and safe sex.
· Discomfort during sexual relations.
· Disinterest in sex.

If you think you have an STI you need to get, it checked out by a doctor. If it is left unchecked, the problem can get worse. Many STIs can be effectively treated, and those that can't be cured can often be controlled with treatment.

We know that it can be embarrassing to discuss sexually-related health concerns; we will make sure that you feel comfortable with our doctors. 
No matter what you're going through, we are here to help.

Book an online consultation with Dr. Joseph and get tested asap. 

English Doctor Barcelona: Trust and Privacy in One Healthcare Provider

We understand how delicate it can be to consult a sexual health specialist, especially if you are still not sure if your problem is of sexual origin. However, at English Doctor Barcelona we have a professional and humane staff, capable of assisting you, educating you, solving your doubts and helping you to face any problem, without judging you along the way.

At English Doctor Barcelona, we are committed to your health, so we create a safe and friendly environment in which you can feel comfortable and explore the various solutions available to you. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact us; we are your private, safe and reliable option.

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