These scans help doctors see inside your tissues, bones, and organs.

CT is critical to the rapid diagnosis of numerous conditions including traumatic injuries, stroke, heart disease, infections, and cancer.

When receiving a CT scan, you may hear a buzzing sound, but they are painless.

Common Reasons for Needing a CAT - TAC Scan:

· Diagnosing bone and joint problems

· Detection of blood clots or internal bleeding

· Pinpoint location of tumours

· Diagnosing or monitoring of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease or lung disease

Need a CT Scan in Barcelona?

If you are a local or a foreigner needing a CT - TAC scan in the Barcelona area, our service is here for you. Our healthcare centre has a unique offer of big-city medicine with hometown care. You can contact us and get your test done as soon as possible.

The procedure is usually very fast and at times you will have to avoid eating or drinking before. The technician will ask you to lie down on a table inside a large, round CT machine.

The X-rays will rotate around your body as you move through the scanner. At times it's the patient will need to take contrast dye orally or by injection. This will highlight denser areas of the body.

After that, our doctors will send you home and get your results back as soon as possible.

You can check all our available tests here.

The common price for a TAC Scan is 240€

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