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An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a radiology technique scan that uses magnetism, radio waves, and a computer to produce images of body structures. The image and resolution is quite detailed, and it can detect tiny changes of structures within the body. 

These tests diagnose many diseases and injuries. They are also good for check-ups after treatments. Patients will need an MRI for conditions in relation to the head, spine, heart, blood vessels, bones, joints, and breasts.

Some MRI (aka RMN - Resonancia Magnetica Nuclear) scans involve having an injection of contrast dye. This makes certain tissues and blood vessels show up more clearly and in greater detail.

Common Reasons for Needing an MRI:

· Detecting head injuries, joint abnormalities or abnormalities of the spine
· Diagnosis of bone infections
· Checking for cancer in the spine or brain
· Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

Common Diagnostic Procedures

  • Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA): A non-invasive test used to evaluate a majority of the blood vessels in the body. It can identify aneurysms, blockages and peripheral vascular disease. Images are obtained without a catheter, so there is no risk of damaging an artery.
  • MRI Body Imaging: Produces high-detail images of the organs of the abdomen and pelvis.
  • MRI Neuro Imaging: Produces high-detail images of the brain, spine and upper extremities.
  • MRI Musculoskeletal Imaging: Produces high-detail images of major joints and soft tissues of the upper and lower extremities.
  • Breast MRI: This allows for the visualisation of minute abnormalities that can sometimes be missed by other imaging techniques. Breast MRI is key in the assessment and diagnosis of breast cancer.

MRI with English Doctor Barcelona means High Definition.

When performing an MRI you must remove jewellery, dentures, watches, hair pins and anything containing metal. Patients must dress in a gown and lay down on a table. The table will then move into a tube, which creates the magnetic waves around you to scan your body. Don't worry, this is a painless procedure.
The scan can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

The images from your scan are analysed and reported back to your doctor.

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