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Request now your PCR Test

Currently, we are offering two forms of COVID-19 testing: PCR and Antibody test.

Doctor, my throat hurts. Do I have Coronavirus?

Find out if you currently have Coronavirus.

RT-PCR is the gold standard for coronavirus testing. It is a swab test to check if you currently have COVID-19, even if you have no symptoms. It is very accurate and will be able to confirm whether you actively are infected with the virus. PCR is capable of picking up a tiny amount of virus, so this test is more sensitive.

During the test, a lab clinician uses a nasal swab to take a fluid sample from deep inside your nose. Don't be scared; it can be uncomfortable, but it is safe. 

Travellers to international destinations are required to present a negative COVID-19 test result on arrival. For most travel-required testing, only the RT-PCR test is acceptable.

I had mild symptoms a few months ago. How can I find out if I had COVID-19? 

You can do it through an Antibody Test (Serology).

Antibody tests can determine if you have been infected previously with COVID-19 and your body has produced antibodies to the virus, even if you never developed symptoms. During the test, a small amount of blood is drawn and then analysed for the presence of antibodies (IgM & IgG) — specific proteins that are made by the immune system.   

This test does not tell you if you have an active COVID-19 infection. 

There are many ways to get tested: you can do it in hospitals, labs or a doctor's office. There are also home-delivered PCR tests that you mail back. If you don't know which is best for you, call us, and we will recommend which suits you best.


Antibody (Serology): 60€

Do you have symptoms or think that you are infected?

You don't need to visit a doctor's office necessarily to get tested. After Dr Joseph orders the test, you can visit our lab, located in Gracia, to get tested. It's easy. 

  • You can order the test online on our website.
  • Write a WhatsApp request to +34 662.291.191 
  • Send an email to 

If the PCR test is taken in the morning, the result is ready the same day. If the test is taken in the afternoon, the result is ready by midday the following day.

Our laboratory partners fully meet all criteria to provide testing. Each official lab is obligated to inform the regional health authority of any new case of COVID-19.
*We don't perform quick-tests as we consider them unreliable. 

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