Need your medication TODAY but don't have a doctor to see?

Simply get on a virtual call with the Doc, tell him what's been bugging you, and receive a lightning-fast prescription that you can turn in at any pharmacy.

In just 3 steps, we can make it happen:

1. Book your digital appointment from anywhere in Spain
2. Say hi to the doc via a tablet or computer/laptop
3. Get your prescription sent directly to you via email moments later!

Wait… I Have A Question…

Here Are All Your FAQs, Answered!

Q: Can I Get A Prescription Without Seeing The Doc?
A: No. You need to talk to the doc first. Our Prescription service already includes doctor's consultation. However, there are many meds that cannot be prescribed online, including controlled substances. 

Q: Can I Order My Prescription Online?
A: You need to book an online doctor so a prescription can be made and sent to you online. You might be able to order almost anything online nowadays, but a prescription is not one of them.

Q: Can An Online Doctor Give Antibiotics?
A: Yes! Absolutely! Antibiotics are a form of prescription medication, so they can be prescribed by an online doctor in a matter of moments! Better yet, you can receive the prescription digitally and only make one trip to the pharmacy, reducing your risk of getting even sicker.

Q: How Fast Can I Get A Prescription?
A: Hop onto a virtual doctor’s appointment and get your prescription in a staggeringly short 15 minutes. It really is that simple. We want to see you get better lightning fast, so we like to keep it super short!

Q: Uhhh, I Need A Lab Test Done
A: No worries! We will personally send you a quote so you can get the tests done in any of our state-of-the-art facilities. Depending on the test, it could be done in a hospital close to you. The most common lab orders we write for include thyroid testing and STD testing.

Q: How Do I Get My Lab Test Online?
A: If you need to get a lab test done, then you NEED to see a doctor in-person. Unfortunately, you can’t transport blood or urine samples over email, so best you get to a doctor quick! Online doctors, however, make it far easier to get referrals for testing. Simply hop on a digital session and make your way straight to the testing centre.

Q: How much do I need to pay to get a prescription and online consultation?
A: It's 50€

*We will NOT renew online prescriptions for narcotics, tranquillizers or “non-regular” medication.

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