Need your medication TODAY but don't have a doctor to see?

Simply get on a virtual call with the Doc, tell him what's been bugging you, and receive a lightning-fast prescription that you can turn in at any pharmacy.

In just 3 steps, we can make it happen:

1. Book your digital appointment from anywhere in Spain
2. Say hi to the doc via a tablet or computer/laptop
3. Get your prescription sent directly to you via email moments later!

Wait… I Have A Question…

Here Are All Your FAQs, Answered!

Q: Can I Get A Prescription Without Seeing The Doc?
A: No. You need a consultation before you can get one. Luckily, you can complete your visit via your smartphone, saving time and energy. However, there are many meds that cannot be prescribed online, including controlled substances.

Q: Can I Order My Prescription Online?
A: No. You need to book an online doctor so a prescription can be made and sent to you online. You might be able to order almost anything online nowadays, but a prescription is not one of them.

Q: Can An Online Doctor Give Antibiotics?
A: Yes! Absolutely! Antibiotics are a form of prescription medication, so they can be prescribed by an online doctor in a matter of moments! Better yet, you can receive the prescription digitally and only make one trip to the pharmacy, reducing your risk of getting even sicker.

Q: How Fast Can I Get A Prescription?
A: Hop onto a virtual doctor’s appointment and get your prescription in a staggeringly short 15 minutes. It really is that simple. We want to see you get better lightning fast, so we like to keep it super short!

Q: Do Online Docs Actually Work?
A: Of course we do! We work perfectly well when it comes to treating minor bacterial infections, cold, flu, positive STI results and mental health issues. If you’ve got a chronic condition and need your meds, we’re also there to lend a helping hand. We’ve got the same schedule as your regular old doc; we just do what we do over the screen.

Q: Uhhh, I Need A Lab Test Done
A: No worries! We will personally send you a quote so you can get the tests done in any of our state-of-the-art facilities. Depending on the test, it could be done in a hospital close to you. The most common lab orders we write for include thyroid testing and STD testing.

Q: How Do I Get My Lab Test Online?
A: If you need to get a lab test done, then you NEED to see a doctor in-person. Unfortunately, you can’t transport blood or urine samples over email, so best you get to a doctor quick! Online doctors, however, make it far easier to get referrals for testing. Simply hop on a digital session and make your way straight to the testing center.

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