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General Practitioner

GPs are primary doctors. Through them, you can have yearly checkups, treat a variety of conditions, have minor surgery and get referred to specialists.

This is the first pillar for any health network and is responsible for giving the early presumptive diagnosis and referring the patient if required.

General practitioners can diagnose and treat almost all the most common pathologies. GPs oversee assisting nearly 85% of the population with some health problems.

GPs are required to have general knowledge about almost all health-related topics if they are not surgical. He is a specialist who can guide your diagnosis very well and treat you entirely or refer you to the place you need (such as, for example, another specialist doctor).

Establishing a relationship with your GP is essential; this allows you to build confidence and trust that will help you to talk openly about health issues and concerns. Also, a GP knows about your medications, allergies, surgeries, scheduled tests, and results. They work with specialists to support your treatment and care plan.

What Symptoms Can a General Practitioner Treat? 

· Diarrhoea
· Cough
· Ear pain
· Fever
· Chest pain
· Vomiting
· Abdominal pain
· Bleeding
· Muscle or joint pain
· Loss of consciousness
· Urinary tract infections
· STDs
· High blood pressure (hypertension)
· Diabetes
· Respiratory disorders

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At English Doctor Barcelona, we understand the need for a quality English-speaking doctor who can understand and respond to your symptoms. We pride ourselves in making both locals and foreigners feel welcome, providing you with all the comforts to avoid all the paperwork and, if necessary, know which specialist to go to and which exams you need. We are a specialized health centre, so we have professional staff trained to understand and treat you properly, no matter what the emergency is.

Finally, if you need any laboratory tests or an outpatient consultation with a specialist (such as a cardiologist, for example), we will tell you where to go. Our priority is not only the satisfaction of our patients but also their well-being. If you have any symptoms, do not hesitate to visit us, or write to us—English Doctor Barcelona, quality care, beyond language.

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Highly recommend! Don't waste time like I did trying to find a medical centre. If only I tried Dr Joseph first, who is an English Dr, polite and professional. It was only 10 euro in a cab from the city centre, I was seen straight away without an appointment and got the script I needed to start feeling better on my holiday.

Lauren C.

This was the best service of medical assistance I have had in a long time. Dr. gave the diagnosis when even the best Hospital in Barcelona couldn't identify it, great medical care and service - I wont hesitate to visit Dr Joseph if I ever get sick again. He had been busy but still took the time to make me feel like I was the only patient there. Superb service, professionalism, care and assistance. Thank you.

Wesly Jay

I contacted Dr Joseph through whatsapp needing urgent care. He was able to see me in a few hours, had my tests done, and give me the right medication. Thank you so much Dr. Steven!

Jane Alblas