Dr. Steven Joseph

Dr. Steven Joseph

Hello! I’m Dr Steven Joseph

Your friendly local English speaking doctor. Here to offer you better medical and healthcare services in the heart of Barcelona. In a medical centre with doctors who understand you.

After years of travelling the globe, I noticed that Barcelona was lacking something. "What?" I hear you ask. Effective healthcare for English Speakers, that's what. And this left people like you feeling alienated, under-valued and not cared for.

So I opened up English Doctor Barcelona to bring you a clinic you can trust with doctors you can actually talk to. Because healthcare should be about more than just your health, right? With us, it’s also about better service and positive experiences.

How it works

Getting affordable healthcare at English Doctor Barcelona is as easy as:


Book an appointment

Book an appointment

Book an appointment today or simply pop in for our walk-in service.



See an English Doctor

See an English Doctor

You’ll see an English speaking Doctor in Barcelona. One that understands you.


Get Better Medical Care

Get Better Medical Care

When your doctor speaks your language, treatment is easier and better. We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service every time.

If you want to see an English speaking doctor, book your appointment today

Our Affordable Healthcare Prices

Get better healthcare for less with English Doctor Barcelona...

  • Routine Health Appointments
    70 €
  • Virtual Appointments (Online)
    50 €
  • Gynecologist Appointments (Consultation)
    75 €
Did you know…

Did you know…

Dr. Joseph is the only certified Schema therapist in Barcelona.

That means if you want the best mental health services in this city, you needn’t look any further than English Doctor Barcelona. We’re here for you!

See what our patients are saying...

I think it’s the best place to make a PCR test or any other things.
Very fast. They take care of you. If you have any questions you can just text them to WhatsApp and they answer really quick.
I highly recommend that place.

Namaz D

Dr. Joseph was prompt, professional and highly responsive to my last minute appointment and was like seeing a Dr. In the US online. He was caring and professional and prescribed exactly what I needed to treat my flu. He is highly recommended and very reasonable. I travel the world excessively as an executive and a service like this with limited time is efficient.

Travis K.

Great location, near the beach area, efficient and helpful service, a great place to go, and I highly recommend them.


Very easy to make an appointment and the quality of service from the staff and doctor was great.

Jan Derk Nipius

I knew English doctor Joseph because of the good comments and opinions of my friends, and he is a really good and friendly doctor. He was very nice and professional, price is really good for the quality of the attention and treatments. I will definitely recommend it and I will still go for more appointments with him!!

Paola Molina

I really can’t recommend Dr. Joseph enough. I’ve had an undiagnosed issue for years and I finally feel like I’m getting to the bottom of it. All my tests and hospital examinations were booked on the spot. He had a really good understanding and excellent approach. He is really the only doctor you should be seeing in Barcelona! Thanks

Vinnie Flynn

I'm a student studying abroad in Barcelona for the semester and needed to see a english speaking physician on short notice. He communicates through WhatsApp which is very convenient for somebody who isn't a resident. I am very happy with the medical care and customer service he provides.

Adam Fuller

This was the best service of medical assistance I have had in a long time. Dr. gave the diagnosis when even the best Hospital in Barcelona couldn't identify it, great medical care and service - I wont hesitate to visit Dr Joseph if I ever get sick again. He had been busy but still took the time to make me feel like I was the only patient there. Superb service, professionalism, care and assistance. Thank you.


Wesly Jay

I contacted Dr Joseph through whatsapp needing urgent care. He was able to see me in a few hours, had my tests done, and give me the right medication. Thank you so much Dr. Steven!

Jane Alblas

Highly recommend! Don't waste time like I did trying to find a medical centre. If only I tried Dr Joseph first, who is an English Dr, polite and professional. It was only 10 euro in a cab from the city centre, I was seen straight away without an appointment and got the script I needed to start feeling better on my holiday.

Lauren Cunningham

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Make your healthcare easier with us

Here’s what we’ll do to help take the hassle out of your medical care...

Arrange specialist appointments for you

Respond to your calls and WhatsApp messages outside our working hours

Complete medical reports and receipts for your insurance

Arrange your medical tests and follow-ups so you don’t have to

Need an appointment today? We’ll fit you in, even if it means staying later

Communicate/translate with external specialists for you so you understand everything

Medical care in Barcelona doesn’t have to be a headache

Book and appointment today

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