English Doctor Barcelona was established in 2008 by Doctor Steven Joseph with a vision to provide the best healthcare and medical services to the ever-growing English speaking community in Barcelona. Since then, we have helped countless people from all walks of life, different backgrounds, all age groups, and an array of medical histories.

With our highly trained and compassionate staff coupled with effective, latest and fast medical services, we pride ourselves in providing the best medical care for all your health problems in a safe, trusted and discreet environment. Our highly qualified specialists can help you get the medical care and treatment, you and your family deserve without putting a dent in your pocket. Contact us today or book online to see how we can help you live a better, healthier life!

Dr. Steven Joseph

Dr. Steven Joseph

Medical Director


Dr. Steven Joseph Hunyi is a highly qualified specialist in family medicine and mental health. He has studied very extensively in the United Kingdom, where he earned his medical degree and furthered his studies. Following a visit to Barcelona, he realized the need for a welcoming and inclusive family medical center for the English-speaking community. It was then that he decided to relocate and founded English Doctor Barcelona in 2008. 

His passion for the diverse city inspired him to create a personalized medical center that provides a safe, trusting place for people from all walks of life. Having traveled internationally, he knew how important it was to find a reliable English-speaking doctor while abroad. Regardless of whether you are a local, traveler, an international student or expat, rest assured that you will always feel at home in his care.

His medical center delivers on the promise to provide you with fast results and efficient service. He believes in providing you with the answers you need in as little time as possible. Whichever medical service you need, trust that his practice takes a warm and supportive approach every time. This is what makes his medical center so popular throughout the growing community.

“I’ll will be happy to assist you with whatever medical services you need while in Barcelona.”

Dr. Steven Joseph

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